The Building Design

The space-age design of The Mind Museum is the brainchild of a team of architects from Lor Calma & Partners, led by renowned architect Ed Calma. The inspiration behind the building's futuristic, yet organic look was based off of cell growth and molecular structures.

Mirroring the functionality of nature, some features of the building's innovative and sustainable design include: slanted exterior walls to minimize the entry of sunlight, a specially curved roof for more efficient rain collection, and strategic orientation to utilize the shadows of adjacent buildings, all of which contribute to more energy efficiency. Ed counts the form and location of The Mind Museum as his favorite things about the museum; he believes that it has an interesting place in "a sea of box buildings and it celebrates the terminus of the [Bonifacio] High Street axis" - a combination that is sure to awe visitors.

Ed was drawn to The Mind Museum by the idea that it would influence a generation of Filipinos to see science and art in a different light. In particular, he hopes that the museum will help people to see the connection between the two fields, as well as remove the intimidating edge from science.