The Mind Museum Turns 7-years-old!

7 ways in 7 days to celebrate our 7th birthday

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Cafe Scientifique: Katutubong Kaalaman

A discussion on tracing our Filipino roots to promote science culture.

March 10
3:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. 

How do we trace our common ancestry, especially the rich local knowledge of our environment, and give it a special role in our shaping our future in the global setting?  Join the conversation with a panel of speakers as we learn about indigenous knowledge systems and practices and their role in shaping the "complete" Filipino.

Event is free, but seats are limited. Please register here


March 11

Post your earliest and best throwback photo from your time at the The Mind Museum and get a chance to win a prize!

Be sure to tag #TheMindMuseum #TMMstories @themindmuseum and set your posts to public so we can see!


March 12

Send a short video of your tips, tricks, & hacks to help the planet!


March 13

Drop by the museum to donate science books to the Batak community of Palawan.


Pi challenges, Pikus, and pizzas await in celebration of the museum and Einstein’s birthday and Pi Day!

March 14

Take on #TheMindMuseum’s Pi Day Challenges! We will be posting three (3) Pi Challenges at 3:14 p.m. on The Mind Museum Facebook page from March 11-13. Be the first one to solve it by leaving a comment on the challenge along with your handwritten solution for a chance to win prizes!  


Make a stand for our fellow creatures! 

March 15

2019 is the year of protecting our species because in nature nothing exists alone. Make a stand for our fellow creatures. Dress up as endangered or endemic animal when you visit the Museum this day to receive special treats!


March 16

Celebrate The Mind Museum's 7th birthday with pop-up science games all day at the Canopy Plaza!