Walk-in Programs

Satisfy your thirst for discovery and rediscovery. The Mind Museum offers a variety of exciting educational activities to complement your visit.

Mind Moving Studios

Engage your mind further with fun activities and cool experiment demonstrations. Catch them at the Science Demo Area in the Atom Gallery or at another announced spot in the museum.

Participation is free with your museum ticket.

Oct-Nov (Force, Motion, Energy)

10:00 am - Pressure Play (Hands-On)

Even though we cannot easily see air, we can readily feel its push or pull on us and the environment. Experience the wind's (and your breath's) power in this gusty Studio.
Curriculum Links: S8FE-Ia-15, S8FE-Ia-16, S11/12PS-IVd-50, S11/12PS-IVd-51, S11/12PS-IVd-52, STEM_GP12FM-IIf-46

11:00 am - The Laws of Motion (Hands-On)

All objects in the universe obey three simple rules (well, almost all of them). Test out and experience the proof behind the physics pudding for yourself.
Curriculum Links: S8FE-Ia-15, S8FE-Ia-16, S11/12PS-IVd-50, S11/12PS-IVd-51, S11/12PS-IVd-52

1:00 pm - Through Space and Time (Brain Teaser)

While Einstein and several others have proved that space and time are united, we usually experience them here on Earth separately. Can you untangle the two in these brain teasers?
Curriculum Links: STEM_GP12MP-IVg-39, STEM_GP12MP-IVg-40, STEM_GP12MP-IVg-41

2:00 pm - Crash Course Climate: Energy (Hands-On)

Rising global temperatures have an immediate effect on typhoons. Witness how excess heat energy can turn storms into devastating calamities with the help of fast winds.
Curriculum Links: S10MT-IVa-b-21, STEM_GP12FM-IIf-41, STEM_GP12FM-IIf-48

4:00 pm - The Craft of Firebending (Demo)

Fire is one of the greatest discoveries of our kind. Discover how to make, manipulate, and defeat it in this hot demonstration.
Curriculum Links: S9MT-IIc-d-15, STEM_GC11ES-IIa-b-53, STEM_GC11MF-IIIa-c-103 

5:00 pm - Splash of Color (Demo)

Every color, every hue is represented by different energies and wavelengths. Make the light paths converge and combine into any color under the sun (or rainbow).
Curriculum Links: S8FE-If-26, S8FE-If-28, S10FE-IIg-50, STEM_GP12FM-IIf-48

Frozen Science Saturdays

Have some cool fun with liquid nitrogen an all Saturdays of the month at 10:00 a.m. at the Atom Gallery. 

Participation is included with an all day pass or a 9:00 a.m. museum ticket.

Awesome Astronomy

At 5:00 p.m. on most Sundays of every month, our sidewalk astronomer leads a cosmic discussion at the Space Shell at the Universe Gallery. 

Participation is included with an all day pass or a 3:00 p.m. museum ticket.

Café Scientifique

This is a world-wide movement that brings you up close and personal to specific science topics through conversations. 

These events are free and open to the public. However, due to limited space, registration is requested. For inquiries, please email: [email protected]