Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why are the ticket prices on the high side? We are a non-stock, non-profit foundation, and while we do not have to recover the planning, design and construction expenses (which we got from purely private donations), we have to reflect the real cost of maintaining and operating an interactive-learning facility like this. With over 250 exhibits at the adult three-hour rate of P625, your entrance fee comes to only about P2.50 exhibit and even less for the discounted rates for students and teachers.
  2. Do you have rates for yayas and drivers? No, we do not have special rates for yayas and drivers. They are charged the regular ticket prices and will have the same access to the museum just like all our learner-guests.
  3. Why do you differentiate between private and public schools in terms of discounts? That was a typo. Just  kidding. We think it is fair that we charge guests for the real cost of entering the museum which is an adult three-hour rate of P625.  However, as a learning institution, if we had to have an impact on the education sector, we thought targeting  the majority of Filipino students would be our best bet. Over 80 percent of Filipino students are in public schools. So we give the biggest discount to Filipino public school students.
  4. Why do you limit visits to time slots? We have observed that ants like to bunch together, but humans generally like to keep a comfortable space between one another when in a common place.  We want to maintain comfort for our learner-guests in the museum so we are mindful of our facility’s capacity at any one time.
  5. What can we expect to see in the museum? There are over 250 hands-on, minds-on exhibits inside and outside the museum. Inside, these are all contained in the Universe, Earth, Life, Atom and Technology Galleries and outside, in the Science-in-the-Park. We also have the Philippine Science Hall and the Hall of the Ten Most Beautiful Experiments in Science. We also have a fabulous staff who are either on the floor talking to you or in the museum office talking about you. 
  6. Is there an age group that you cater to?  The Mind Museum makes science come alive for everyone, regardless of age. We came up with many exhibits so we could touch all age groups so regardless of how old you are, you will find exhibits that may be of interest to you. So as long as you want to learn, relearn, or watch other people learn, our facility is the place to visit for you. We have had many guests in their 60’s,70’s and 80’s with layered Ph.D.s tell us that they have learned so much in the museum, and a few guests in their 20’s barely out of school saying that they did not learn anything impressive. Those statements happily confuse us so we just concluded that we appeal to whomever is open to the experience we offer.
  7. Will we be able to interact with all the exhibits in the museum during our time slot? It is mathematically impossible to go in-depth with each and every exhibit in one visit (please see # 5 on how many exhibits there are in the first place). It would depend on how many and what kinds of exhibits pique your interest. You may think we are just deflecting your question, but cognitive scientists who are really smart in the area of how humans learn, say that you will retain more if you focus on understanding a limited number of exhibits at any one time than aiming to see all.  Also, based on our observation of the thousands of learner-guests who have experienced their self-designed learning path since we opened, spending three hours is generally enough.
  8. Can we get a refund if we are not able to see everything during our time slot?  Sorry, but you cannot get a refund if you are not able to see everything during your time slot. You pay one price for the whole experience that you plot for yourself within the time slot you chose.
  9. Why are there no tour guides?  The Mind Museum inspires curiosity, exploration and understanding.There are no guided tours as nothing is more rewarding than discovering things for yourself in a setting where you are with equally curious minds. There is no one way to begin this. Enjoy exploring on your own at your own pace across the galleries.
  10. Is the museum patterned after any science museum in the world?  It took us five years to plan, raise money and build the museum. As far as we know, The Mind Museum is a unique museum. Science is universal, but the curatorial concept, building design and construction, exhibition design and fabrication are Filipino.  We collaborated with local architect, Ed Calma and hundreds of scientists, artists, engineers and craftsmen to help us.
  11. Will you ever change your exhibits? We are learning from experience, and we keep improving our exhibits so we do change aspects of each exhibit as we go along.  We also have travelling exhibitions. Please watch out for announcements on our website and social media pages: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: (/themindmuseum).
  12. Do you have events other than the exhibitions?  We thought you’d never ask. Yes we do. Please watch out for our event announcements on our website and social media pages: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: (/themindmuseum) .
  13. Are you open to venue rentals?  Yes, we are. The exhibition galleries are not for rent, but there are spaces that are open for events, lectures and workshops and even mini-concerts. Please contact  [email protected] to inquire.
  14. Whom do we contact for school tours or tour operator/travel agent handled groups?  If you are a school who wants to directly book with us, please contact [email protected].  If you are a tour operator or travel agent, please contact [email protected]
  15. Do you have an annual membership pass? Check out our Unlimited Science Pass Membership Program here
  16. Are cameras or DSLRs allowed? We love it that you appreciate the museum to capture it in photos so yes, cameras are generally allowed in the museum provided that you do not bring external lighting, tripods, etc. for the convenience of other guests.
  17. Why is 2 ft and below free and not by age, or why should I pay P475 for my 2-year-old? The Mind Museum did its best to come up with exhibits encased in such a wondrous space that anyone, as long as they are old enough to walk and talk, would find something worth their experience. Based on our research, humans generally above 2 feet are old enough to walk and talk and engage in the kind of learning the museum offers. 
  18. Can we do prenuptial shoots at the museum? We allow prenuptial shots in the JY Campos Park, but not in The Mind Museum. Please contact: [email protected] to inquire. Prenuptial shoots are by its nature, focused on the relationship between two individuals. The Mind Museum is a learning facility, a place for discovery and self-exploration. While we are happy for your planned union, we think other special places would be better, more appropriate venues for prenuptial shoots. 
  19. Is there a dress code? The simple answer is as long as you are wearing clothes, we shall welcome you without thinking something must have gone horribly wrong while you were planning your trip. But if you are thinking of wearing extremes like long gowns and swimsuits, we shall also suspect that, as the play goes, something funny must have happened on your way to the museum. 
  20. How do I buy tickets? You can buy tickets online by clicking here. Alternatively, you can also buy tickets at our ticket counters from Tuesdays-Sundays as early as 8:00 a.m., even for schedules in advance. Tickets are sold online in real time and at our ticket counters on a first come, first serve basis. We are sorry, we do not accept ticket reservations. We also regret that we do not have ticket outlets outside the museum, nor do we accept bank deposit as a payment option.  
  21. Do we have to print our e-tickets? Yes, please print your tickets so we can scan the bar codes at the entrance. We also hate the unnecessary use of paper, but if your battery dies out on your mobile device, we will also find it difficult to verify your ticket purchase without delay. 
  22. Why do we have to still form our lines to enter if we bought our tickets online? Don't worry, the lines move quickly. We do this so as to guide crowds to spread out evenly in the museum upon entry, for everyone's convenience. Aedi, our reliable museum welcoming robot tells vital museum information for each group in less than two minutes.